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About Mercury

Suzhou Taihu Mercury Yacht Club is the first Marina and Yacht Club operating to internationally recognised standards in China.

We are located by the shore of China's third largest great lake - Lake Taihu. Only 20 minutes from Suzhou, with Shanghai an hour away.

Presently, the club has more than 500 members. More than 30% of members are active boat owners.

More than 120 yachts, motor boats and sailing boats use our marina berths.

Come and meet like - minded people who enjoy the relaxation of boating, fishing, leisure and other social activities.

For the more energetic, we offer water skiing, windsurfing, a full sized swimming pool, and gymnasium.

A Mercury Club membership is also a good investment for many reasons.

We will welcome you whatever it is you seek in enjoying our unique lifestyle.

Our experienced staff can guide you in joining the club, choosing a boat and accessories.

We will provide you with the most professional and thoughtful service.

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Welcome to Suzhou Taihu Mercury Club and Marina !